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Disney Diversity Appreciation Week | What’s in a Name?

*All information taken from babynames.com, so if something is wrong about meaning/origin, don’t blame me lol

I got my first graze box in the mail today! I’m super-excited to try the snacks, they look exceptionally yummy. Their website lets you rate their line of snacks (and trash any with ingredients you can’t/don’t eat, mine is coconut-free) and they randomize from their. They mail (USPS) you one every week (or less, if you want) and then you nom on. You rate the snacks you ate to improve future boxes.

Each box costs $6, but you can get your first and fifth box free if you use this code: MNDFC2CNB

Anonymous asked:

Is it safe to let your little use a teether (or whatever it's called)? Will it mess up their teeth or will it be fine? Can I buy adult ones?


Hi anon,

Do you mean the things that you put in the freezer and let babies chew on to numb their gums while they’re teething?


To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. I can tell you all about pacifiers, but teethers? No clue. 

I’d imagine it’s alright, since it’s a weird shape and you can’t just let it sit in your mouth for very long anyways since it’ll melt.

They are super cute!

But there are these really cool looking teethers/pacis coming out, I’d be wary of these:

Also, be careful because it is ice (or something similar) so make sure there isn’t a lot of chewing going on, that will probably do some teeth ruining. :)

From what I remember, the round-ish ones are pretty good sized. I don’t believe there are adult sized ones.

I hope that helps!

The Playground

There are chewables (similar to teethers) that are not exatly adult-sized but are not for babies! An example would be  ARK Grabbers. (They sell them on amazon, but their website shows all their products.) If you look for chewables marketed to people with autism, you may find what you’re looking for. I have a vanilla-scented one.

The OT that I work with has never mentioned any teeth-related restrictions about using chewables, but idk. 

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Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.


Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.